About us

LLC Kamyar is a team of specialists, each of whom is an absolute professional in his field. We are united by a sincere desire to make our clients' businesses more successful, more modern, more competitive. Enters the services of the advertising agency "Kamyar":
  • • Advertising in the media (TV, radio, newspaper);
  • • Promotional PR campaigns;
  • • Production and placement of outdoor advertising;
  • • Production of audio and video clips;
  • • Promotional videos. Presentation films. Registration of the air of TV channels.
  • • Large format printing.
  • • You can order a variety of technical products and equipment from the most famous brand brands and make TCP

We do not offer universal solutions, we have no time to promise a space sales boom and a long line of customers. We do not waste time on empty words, but are guided by an individual approach to each order and guarantee professionalism in execution!




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Main Office:Tajikistan, Dushanbe, st. Somoni 3/1 Shopping center "Munisa"

Tel: +(992) 378 81 31 01 ; +(992) 939403842 ; +(992) 937033838