Sony PWS-4500 Multi-Port AV Storage System

Sony PWS-4500 Multi-Port AV Storage System

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    • Capable of recording up to four 4K video signals/six HD video signals and 16 audio channels (uncompressed, 24-bit, 48 KHz) using the XAVC recording format
    • In a 4K workflow, a single XAVC file is created and recorded to the PWS-4500 System, which is easily handled by non-linear editing systems in the post production stage
    • The system records 4K/HD XAVC intra frames between 600 Mb/s (4K 50p/59.94p) and 100 Mb/s (1080, 50i/50.94i) in HD
    • XAVC fits into the growing 4K live production environment and you can explore creative possibilities in both 4K and HD live production
    • With the optional PWSL-DH45 codec, the PWS-4500 System can also record files as Avid DNxHD 220x/145/45, which is an ideal fit for the Avid DNxHD post production environment

Sony PWS-4500 Multi-Port AV Storage System offers flexible I/O configurations, high-frame-rate (HFR) recording, and an intuitive user interface designed for professional operators. It creates a multi-port slow-replay server system for live sports production in both 4K and HD infrastructures.

The connectivity with Sony’s IP-based infrastructure is assured by a Networked Media Interface, while enhanced system efficiency and flexibility are provided by a Share Play file sharing feature. To establish the PWS-4500 System as the replay server in a live server system, you need three additional units including the PWSK-4403 Control Panel, the PWS-100PR1 Production Control Station, and the PWS-100MG1 Media Gateway Station.

Flexible configuration for 4K and HD
PWS-4500 System can be configured flexibly using various option boards and software
From a 4-channel HD production recorder with a basic configuration, you can expand to a 4-channel 4K recorder/HD 8-channel recorder solution with a
Networked Media Interface

4K/HD HFR Recording and Replay
System records camera feeds captured at a high frame rate with Sony’s live camera systems, and can instantaneously replay them in very smooth slow motion at HD 2x and 3x as standard
You can also achieve HD 4x, 6x, and 8x, and 4K 2x slow-motion replay by using either of the optional software: HD 4x, 6x, and 8x: PWSL-HF45 HFR / 4K 2x: PWSL-HR45 4K/HD Cut Out Software and PWSL-HF45 HFR (High-frame rate) software
The intuitive operability of the PWS-4403 Control Panel helps you to control slow-motion replay and making full use of its jog dial, fader lever, and industry standard button layout

Large-Capacity Memory Storage
Large 2TB memory enables 6 hours of recording in 4K and 24-hour recording in HD
Memory expandable up to 8TB

HD Cut Out from 4K
By installing the PWSL-HR45 4K/HD Cut Out software, a full HD picture can be cut out from up to 3 recorded 4K sources
Each cut out sequence uses key frames referenced to timecode, position & zoom level for fast, intuitive, and creative operation
You can also select Live Zoom mode

4K/HD Simultaneous Recording
PWS-4500 System can simultaneously create and record HD files from a 4K camera feed, and you can use those HD files as proxy material

Redundant Power Supply
To assure high reliability, the PWS-4500 System comes with a redundant power supply unit as standard

Connectivity with Next-Generation IP-Based Infrastructure
Networked Media Interface lets you connect with any IP live production environment simply by adding the optional PWSK-4506F Networked Media Interface Board, allowing video and audio signals to be received and transmitted over an IP network.

Efficient file sharing via 10 GbE IP Networking
Once clips have been recorded by a PWS-4500 Server connected to a dedicated 10 GbE IP network, the new Share Play feature enables these clips to be shared among all connected PWS-4500 Servers to deliver a more efficient workflow
Eliminates the need to push or pull clips between different servers

Multi Port AV Storage Unit
PWS-4500 System can be used as a multi-channel recorder using the XAVC recording format
Supports 4K to HD resolutions
The unit features high-speed & high-capacity memory storage and supports transfers over IP, so it fits well into the network infrastructure

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