SWIT FM-21HDR 21.5-Inch High Bright HDR Film Production Monitor


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Brand: SWIT

  • 21.5” 1920×1080 non-glaring LCD
  • 8-bit LCD, 12-bit internal process
  • 1000 nits high bright
  • HDR LUTs: HLG & Dolby vision PQ
  • Multi-camera logs to Rec.709
  • DIT user 3DLUT cube upload by USB
  • Waveform / Vector scope / Histogram
  • 16-ch embedded audio meters
  • Peaking focus assist with precision adjustment
  • Exposure assist / Zebra / Blue only
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze / Multiple markers
  • USB firmware upgrade
  • V-mount or 4-pin XLR or AC input

  • Color:

SWIT FM-21HDR 21.5-inch High Bright HDR Film Production Monitor.

21.5-inch 10-bit FHD LCD
The FM-21HDR monitor adopts a 21.5 inch LCD panel with LED backlight, 1000nits high brightness. The native resolution is Full HD 1920×1080, contrast 1000:1, and viewing angle is Horizontal: 178° / Vertical: 178°

Input/Output Interfaces

FM-21HDR monitor supports:
3G/HD/SD-SDI input × 2
3G/HD/SD-SDI loop output × 1 
HDMI 1.3 input × 1
3.5mm analog audio input × 1
3.5mm analog audio output × 1
RS485 UMD input × 1
RS485 UMD output × 1
USB-A LUT/Firmware input × 1

HDR Capable

With 1000nit high brightness, FM-21HDR can display HLG and Dolby Vision PQ HDR image by switching the HDR curves for different cameras.
ARRI Log-C HLG Rec2020
ARRI Log-C PQ Rec2020
Canon C-log2Cin HLG Rec2020
Canon C-log2Cin PQ Rec2020
Canon C-log3Cin HLG Rec2020
Canon C-log3Cin PQ Rec2020
Panasonic V-Log HLG Rec2020
Panasonic V-Log PQ Rec2020
RED L3G10 HLG Rec2020
RED L3G10 PQ Rec2020
SONY S-Log3 Cin HLG Rec2020
SONY S-Log3 Cin PQ Rec2020
SONY S-Log3 SG3 HLG Rec2020
SONY S-Log3 SG3 PQ Rec2020



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